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SCCA Board Approves New Website


New web platform developed to streamline Coroners in SC

The South Carolina Coroners Association (SCCA) is proud to announce the hiring of Leeward Solutions, LLC, as a consultant to develop and redesign its website. The goal of this project is to enhance communication, community outreach, and training for its members. The new website will provide a single source platform for members to share information, resources, and best practices.

The SCCA is dedicated to providing quality service to its members and the communities they serve. The Association recognizes the importance of having a modern, user-friendly website that is accessible to all its members. The new website will be designed with this goal in mind, providing members with a centralized hub for all SCCA information and resources.

Leeward Solutions, LLC, is a well-established consulting firm with a proven track record of success in developing and redesigning websites for organizations in various industries. The firm has extensive experience in creating user-friendly websites that are accessible, intuitive, and visually appealing. The SCCA is confident that Leeward Solutions will bring their expertise and creativity to the project, delivering a website that will meet the Association's needs and exceed its expectations.

The new website will feature a clean, modern design and easy navigation, making it simple for members to find the information they need. The website will include resources and training materials, as well as information on events and news. The site will also provide a platform for members to share their experiences, knowledge, and best practices, helping to build a strong, supportive community.

The SCCA is excited to launch its new website and looks forward to providing its members with an enhanced experience. The new website address is, and members are encouraged to visit the site to see all the new features and resources available.

In conclusion, the South Carolina Coroners Association is committed to providing its members with the resources and support they need to serve their communities. The new website is a key part of this commitment, offering a central hub for information, resources, and communication. The Association is confident that the new website will enhance its members' experience and help to build a stronger, more connected community.

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