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2022 SCCA Award Winners


Jun 30, 2022

South Carolina Coroners' Association Annual Conference

The South Carolina Coroners' Association (SCCA) recently held its annual conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from June 28th to June 30th, 2022. The conference brought together coroners and death investigators from across the state to participate in training sessions, attend workshops, and network with their colleagues.

At the conference, the SCCA recognized several outstanding coroners and death investigators for their contributions to the field. Christy Strange and Jacqueline Blackwell both received the 2022 Sharing Hope Stewardship Award, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to promoting organ, tissue, eye, and body donation in their communities. Keith Turner, Saluda County Coroner, was awarded the 2022 Sue Townsend Award, which honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to the SCCA.

Sabrina Gast, York County Coroner, received the 2022 SCCA Service Award, and Bobbi Jo O’Neal, Charleston County Coroner, was named the 2022 Coroner of the Year. The award recognizes the outstanding contributions made by O’Neal to the field of death investigation and her commitment to providing compassionate and professional service to the families of the deceased.

Kris Elliott with BioOne and Mike Ellis, Greenville County Deputy Coroner, were both honored with the 2022 SCCA Service Award and the “Hope” Award from Sharing Hope, respectively. The award recognizes their contributions to the field of death investigation and their efforts to promote donation in their communities.

Finally, Charlie Boseman, Anderson County Coroner’s Office, was named the 2022 Deputy Coroner of the Year, recognizing his outstanding work as a death investigator and his commitment to serving his community.

The SCCA annual conference provides an important opportunity for coroners and death investigators to come together, receive training, and be recognized for their outstanding work. This year's conference was no exception, with several individuals being honored for their contributions to the field and their commitment to providing compassionate and professional service to families in need.

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