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South Carolina House Recognizes National Medicolegal Death Investigator Week January 23-29, 2023


Recognition for our colleagues across the state

The South Carolina House of Representatives has recognized the important work of Medicolegal Death Investigators with a Resolution H*3767 during the week of January 23-29, 2023. This recognition is a significant moment for the South Carolina Coroners' Association, which represents the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to investigate sudden, violent, and suspicious deaths in the state. Medicolegal Death Investigators are responsible for determining the cause and manner of death in sudden, violent, or suspicious cases, and for providing critical information to families, law enforcement, and other relevant agencies. Their work is essential to the accurate and impartial administration of justice and to ensuring that the rights and interests of families and the public are protected.The South Carolina Coroners' Association is proud to represent the state's Medicolegal Death Investigators and to work with them to advance their professional goals and to improve the quality of death investigation in South Carolina. The Association is committed to supporting its members through education, training, and advocacy, and to working with the South Carolina House of Representatives and other stakeholders to ensure that Medicolegal Death Investigators have the resources they need to perform their important work.The recognition of Medicolegal Death Investigators by the South Carolina House of Representatives is a significant moment for the South Carolina Coroners' Association and for the state as a whole. It highlights the important work that these dedicated professionals do every day and underscores the need for continued support and recognition of their critical role in ensuring the accuracy and fairness of death investigations in South Carolina.H*3767

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